How To Dress Up Without Buying Maternity Clothes For Your Surrogacy

When it comes to dressing during surrogacy pregnancy, comfort and style are important. But what feels right in week 9 may feel downright wrong by week 14. And what perfectly flatters your curves during the second trimester may become rather indecent by the tail end of being a surrogate mother. Sometime in your third or fourth month of pregnancy, you’ll probably find that your jeans no longer button and your tops are getting tighter and tighter. 

Thinking if you’re going to buy maternity clothes for surrogate mother can bring on all sorts of feelings – excitement about the baby growing inside you and being a surrogate mother, a little bit of anxiety about your changing body, and some nerves around how you’ll manage all the changes coming your way. As you shop the racks do your best to relax, enjoy the experience, and find some outfits that make you feel good about your growing bump. 

Check out these tips below to make sure you dress up comfortably without buying maternity clothes during your pregnancy:

Think layering

Most women will wear maternity clothes over the course of at least two seasons. Instead of buying bulky sweaters that will be way too hot come spring, invest in lighter short and long-sleeved tops and a few cardigans or over shirts that will go the distance.

Never buy over-sized maternity clothes

When you get pregnant, you’ll definitely get bigger – but still, don’t buy maternity clothes that make you look bigger than you actually are! Don’t compromise on the size of your clothes just to save a few bucks.

Don’t use short dresses 

These are not at all recommended during pregnancy for a couple of reasons. Not only will they make you feel uncomfortable physically, but also while sitting and walking in public. Additionally, as your stomach expands, the length of the dress will shorten further. Instead, try long maxis, which slim your figure and can even be worn post-pregnancy.

Don’t buy tight maternity clothes

It’s very important to choose the appropriate size, for comfort and well as appearance. It’s best to avoid tight tops that aren’t just uncomfortable but exasperate sweating issues.

Don’t wear your regular undergarments

Avoid bras with any kind of underwire. The more comfortable, the better! You don’t even need to buy nursing bras. Just wear a soft sports bra with a little padding for support, and narrow straps like real bras have. There are specialized ones designed for better comfort and ease during pregnancy.

Don’t use low-waist or underbelly pants 

In the second and third trimesters, you’ll have a large belly, and you’ll really need comfort then.  Avoid low-rise, go as high-waisted as possible, and it will smooth out your bump nicely.

Don’t spend too much

Although your maternity clothes will be covered up by your intended parents, remember, your surrogate pregnancy will only last nine months. After giving birth, your normal figure will return, and the maternity clothes will no longer fit.

The most important considerations for a surrogate mother when dressing up maternity clothes are comfort and appearance. Your pregnancy can open up a whole new world when it comes to choosing for clothing, so keep the above tips in mind so that you can make your best choices.